Friday, May 1, 2009

Boys Over Flowers [Korean Drama]

Specifications: 9 DVDs, booklet, 3 plastic cards
Packaging: digipak with hardcover
Release Origin: Korea


suchen said...


could you please help me on one matter?

i bought the bof box set, but mine didn't come with the character cards or the photo diary!! :(.

were they found inside the box or it was separate from the box?

do help me and email me to let me know k? please. thanks.

MinMayBee said...


The (3) character cards are located inside the digipack when you open it up. It has a holder for the cards on EACH digipak where you insert the character cards to hold it. As for the photo diary, it was inserted inside the box. I hope that helps. You should complain to whoever you puchased it from.

Anonymous said...

wow, such a beautiful boxset.

where did you buy this from?


MinMayBee said...


I bought this from when they first released it. It might be out of print already since it was the limited edition version, but you can the regular version from

Anonymous said...

oh, there's two different versions? so what's the differences?