Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Someday [Korean Drama]

Specifications: 6 DVDs
Packaging: digipak
Release Origin: USA


Anonymous said...

hello, I wanted to know where is that you bought these films from yesasia and amazon? magnificent site in any case, very beautiful collection

MinMayBee said...

Thank you so much for the comment and visiting the site. I hope you find it useful in your future purchase.

As for Someday K-Drama, I bought it at yesasia. Also, you might want to check out ebay from the user: ekomsantime.entertainment


This seller is highly recommended since I have puchased several of the K-Drama DVD set from the US without any problem. It's the same price of yesasia after including the shipping cost. Plus you get it within 3 days with Priority shipping vs. yesasia 7+ days. So, it's up to you based on your preference. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I actually wanted to say Asian films in general, not specifically someday ^ ^ 'I would like to have links to shopping sites that sell other Asian films that Yesasia, you've tested :)

not, but you have a really impressive site, I collect myself like you, but my collection to me is not as huge XD

and thank you for your answer, really!

MinMayBee said...

Thanks for the comments and feedbacks. There are several sites that I purchased the DVDs - YESASIA and DVDFROMKOREA. I would recommend YESASIA as the ultimate site for up-to-date asian media. HKFLIX is another option, but they pick up new movies far too late for me to wait. For older movies, eBay is probably the best option. If there are any movies/drama you are looking for, then please let me know as I can help you find them.

The reason why I don't have links to the shopping site that I purchased them because it's time consuming; and others like to support certain online vendors.

However, I would be more than happy to let you know where I buy them with a simple comment like this one.

I'll disable the Word Verification process during the comment process. The reason why I had it in the first place because I was getting unwanted spam.

Again, thank you for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yesasia is the best reference! I order enormously over, but unfortunately a lot of titles that I want to buy are unavailable. I seek, in fact, the film Maundy Thursday (Our Happy Time). I've looked everywhere, without any result.
dvdfromkorea for is a good site, too. but I think the heavy costs, which is a pity, I who am a used free of charge at yesasia.

no problem for compliments is natural.

do not pay attention to my English is not very good but I am glad that you comprennes me ^ ^ 'is already a good thing that happens to communicate

Anonymous said...

you understand me* é_è"

MinMayBee said...

Your English is just fine. English is also my second language. DVDFROMKOREA price is cheaper, but the shipping cost comes out almost the same as YESASIA price. The trick is to order about 1850g of weight (approximately 4-5 movies) that cost about $23 shipping. And divide it by the # of movies. It comes out to be almost the same price as YESASIA. I rarely buy 1 DVD from DVDFROMKOREA as I make sure I order it in a batch.

I just did some quick searched for Maundy Thursday for you, but I came up empty. I'm surprised that movie is already out of print. When I visit a local Korean DVD store, I'll let you know if they have it in stock for you.

Anonymous said...

it's really nice on your part, I search maundy thursday for a long time already.

I order at DVDFROMKOREA a lot too.
I do not know if this is due to the fact of living far, france, that the costs are too expensive. and you, where do you live?

I am glad to find someone who buys as many movies as I do, who share a passion for cinema ^ ^

Anonymous said...

Hi, Matthias here from the KFCC forums. I tried to answer your message, but it didn't work. I got a 404 error.

I'm looking for The Chaser soundtrack! I really wonder why Yesasia doesn't have it. Probably I should contact them about the CD... maybe they can still get it in stock.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to know in your opinion is the drama "Someday" good? Is it worth to buy the boxset?


MinMayBee said...

Thanks for the questions and visit.

I haven't seen this drama after I purchased it.

I highly recommend visiting Soompi forum link below for some of the users' comments about the drama.


Let me know if you have any more questions.