Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Snow Queen: Director's Cut [Korean Drama]

Specifications: 9 DVDs
Packaging: digipak w/ hardcover
Release Origin: Korea


Anonymous said...

Excuse me but what's the difference between this one and the US version?
How come this one has 9 dvds and the US version have 6 dvds?

Is this version longer? Are the episodes longer then the original?

Thank you

MinMayBee said...

Unfortunately, I do not have the US version to make a comparison. The Korean version is a Director's Cut. I do not know if the US is the same. This set has a Special Edition feature. Each disc has 2 episodes. The US probably has 3 episodes on 1 disc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying.

Yeah the US version has 3 episodes in a disc and the episodes are the same as the one online. (timing wise

Just wanted to know if the episodes on the Korean Version is longer.