Monday, March 17, 2008

Seven Days

Specifications: 2 DVDs, OST, postcard
Packaging: amaray w/ slipcover
Release Origin: Korea


Anonymous said...

You must be a little annoyed that your copy wasn't signed. I know I was along with 'M', both of which went up after the first week of release on DVDfromKorea with autographs! Grr.

You have an amazing collection. I'm very jealous ^_^

MinMayBee said...

Thank you for the comment about my collection. It's always nice to have a signed version. It would have been nice if dvdfromkorea had posted it before but I can't fault them since they probably didn't know that they had some. It's okay. I noticed M has a signed one as well, but I'm not too crazy about M at all. Seven Days is an excellent movie.